2018 Legislative Agenda

OPEA will seek the following items for state employees when the regular session begins in February.  Our #1 priority continues to be to fix the state budget so state government can get out of the constant cycle of budget cuts, furloughs and RIF’s, no raises, doing-more-with-less, etc.  OPEA is a member of the Save Our State coalition and is advocating for legislators to raise the revenue sufficient to adequately fund state government and to fund critical state employee and teacher pay raises.  For more information go to: saveourstateok.org.

OPEA 2018 Legislative Agenda


  1. HB 2637 – Rep. D. Roberts (R-Durant)- $7500 across-the-board pay raise for all state employees
  2. HB 3144 – Rep. Dunnington (D-OKC) – Unfreeze the benefit allowance
    1. The state employees benefit-allowance has been frozen since 2012, meaning while health insurance rates have increased each year since then, employees’ have been forced to eat the cost increases out of their own paycheck.
  3. HB 2985 – Rep. Frix (R-Muskogee) – 8% COLA for retired state employees
  4. HB 3280 – Rep. Kannady (R-Moore) – Eliminate “use-or-lose” policy on earned vacation
    1. State employees are forfeiting more earned vacation hours every year simply because their office is so short-handed and employees are surpassing the arbitrary limit on authorized leave that can be carried forward.
  5. HB 1892 – Rep. Virgin (D-OKC) – Standardize and require compensation for on-call duty
    1. State employees at certain agencies receive no compensation while assigned on-call duty while others are paid varying rates.
  6. HB 1868 – Rep. Dunnington – Require all state employees earning less than $40,000 per year be automatically considered overtime-eligible
  7. HB3332 – Rep. McEntire (R-Duncan) – Provide 6-weeks paid family leave for state employees
  8. HB 2974 – Rep. Frix – DOC reform bill
    1. Mandate CO promotion after cadet graduation
    2. Require staffing report to legislature
    3. Require modern employee-timekeeping system be implemented by agency
    4. Mandate that all officers be overtime-eligible
  9. HB 3006 – Rep. F. Bennett (D-OKC) – Require hours worked above certain amount per day be automatically credited as overtime to curtail widespread practice of “work-week adjustments.”
  10. HB 2812 – Rep. Downing (R-Purcell) – Make various RIF-process changes
  11. HB 2767 – Rep. Osburn (R-OKC) – Merit System Reform

OPEA will take these issues, and more, to the Capitol in February for state employees.  We hope you will help us by advocating for these bills with your legislators.  Let them know you support our agenda and that you’ll be watching their votes on our bills!  Follow their progress by keeping in touch with us on facebook and on twitter.