Join OPEA – It’s important!

OPEA members join the association for various reasons. Some sign on to have someone in their corner during personnel actions. Others join because they want to make their job better, they k now OPEA is the only association working every day for state employees..

It is common, however, for members to say they joined OPEA for what OPEA could do for them but after they became a member, they realized by being an OPEA member, they were part of something g bigger than themselves.

“I signed up for what I could get by being a member but after I got involved I saw that I had an opportunity to work to improve state employment for my coworkers and employees that I don’t even know,” an OPEA member said.

No one else watches out for state employees and the services they provide better than OPEA. During years of budget cuts, our members were extremely vocal about the state’s need to raise revenue.  OPEA stood strong to limit budget cuts and raise revenue, not just to protect our members but also the services they provide.

When one agency discusses privatization of services, OPEA members from many different agencies have told lawmakers that privatization is not necessarily a good idea and lawmakers listen. And, if a reduction in force is enacted at one agency, OPEA members from different agencies support their fellow members

Yes, OPEA membership does have protections and benefits for individual members, but being an OPEA member is much more than that. By joining, you help fellow state employees who you may not know.  If you’re not yet an OPEA member and you want to be part of something g bigger than you and your career, join us today by clicking on this link and sign up today.

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