DHS Commission Approves Tight Budget for FY ‘09

The Department of Human Services held their commission meeting June 17, at the Sequoyah State Office Building. OPEA staff attended the meeting where OKDHS Director Howard Hendrick gave a PowerPoint presentation with compelling findings.

“DHS was forced to approve a budget that although is intended to be standstill, will put the agency in the hole,” said OPEA Director Trish Frazier. “Due to the increased cost of fuel and food, we are concerned with the legislature’s lack of long-term vision in funding DHS and all agencies.”

According to George Young, the budget challenges are evident.

“We’re heading for a cliff,” said Young. “Hopefully we can get a little more road.”
Others, such as Commission member Patrice Douglas are recognizing the problem for what it is.

“We are solving the problem by using one-time money and being responsible for the problem they [the legislature] created.”

“We play the cards we are dealt,” said Commission Chairman Richard L. DeVaughn, D.D.S. “I don’t want to have to go to the bomb shelter until I hear the bombs hit.”

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