DHS-Facts Speak For Themselves

Since 2001, state funding for DHS has increased by 42 percent, or $166 million. The additional money has been put into services and programs, with only four percent more in staff. DHS workers are stretched to the breaking point, doing more with less.

  • Advantage Waiver recipients increased by 88 percent from 11,333 to 21,324 between FY 2000 and 2007. This important program helps elderly and disabled Oklahomans remain at home and not in institutionalized care.
  • The monthly average of food stamp recipients increased by 42 percent, from 298,204 to 423,084 between 2002 and 2007. Most food stamp recipients are families of the working poor, who have low-paying jobs or are between jobs.
  • Medicaid recipients have increased by 51 percent since 2000, from 396,526 to 600,930. Medicaid participation is limited to children, pregnant women, disabled and elderly.
  • Adult Protective Services referrals have increased by 19 percent per year or 2,861 since 2002.
  • Child Welfare referrals per year have increased by 74 percent or 8,254 since 2001.
  • Child Support Enforcement monthly average case count has increased by 25 percent between FY 2003 and 2007. During that time collections for Oklahoma’s children increased by $85.5 million, or 55.7 percent.

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