Disability Determination Division Chapter Helps to Raise Funds for March of Dimes

OPEA Members Dean Crawford and Yolanda Lee Prepare For A Fundraising Lunch

OPEA members from Disability Determination Division Chapter in Region V partnered with the local March of Dimes Committee to raise $2500 to benefit children with special needs. The March of Dimes committee is led by one of our very own OPEA members, Yolanda Lee.

The committee held, or participated, in several events to raise the money including a taco soup sale, sweets sale, basketball shootout, snow cone sale, break-time popcorn sales, various lunch meal sales, t-shirt sales, loose change collection, silent auction/garage sale and participated in the March of Dimes’ Walk for Babies.

Oklahomans are known around the country for helping their neighbors in time of need and OPEA members, as well as, unaffiliated state workers are no exception. We are proud of those chapter officers and members who participated.

A great big THANK YOU to all those who help to assist Oklahomans in need! Keep up the great work

DDD Chapter’s March of Dimes T Shirt

The story and pictures were submitted by OPEA member and Chapter President Sammie Nye. OPEA certainly appreciates the community work done by our chapters and members. If your chapter has a story to tell about your work in the community please email Tom Dunning.


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