Johnston County goes 100 Percent OPEA!

Only two weeks ago, OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley and Representative Paul Roan issued a challenge to the Johnston County DHS office. Now the group of state employees are claiming the prize.

“We challenged the office to get 100 percent OPEA membership,” said Zearley. If they did, Representative Roan and OPEA would treat the office to a fish fry. Well, Deanna and the crew have taken the challenge and met the goal in less than two weeks. Representative Roan and I are ready to start cooking.”

Deanna Gordon, who organized the initial meeting, announced the end of the challenge by signing up the last two members, Vickie Caldwell and Teresa Jefferson.

“It is important for every state employee to be a member of OPEA to protect our benefits and to work to get us the pay raises we desperately need,” said Gordon. “Recruitment starts with someone recognizing that most of your co-workers will join if we just take the opportunity to ask them! I am challenging all the offices in our neighboring counties, Coal, Atoka, Bryan, Marshall, Carter, Murray and Pontotoc Counties to do the same.”

“The reason I joined OPEA is that I believe it is important to have someone representing me and my interests at the state level,” said Kathy McDaniel. We as state employees cannot be there all the time. It is critical that someone stand up and say that the work state employees do for the families of Oklahoma is just as important as the work teachers do for the children in Oklahoma. As an individual, my voice may go unheard, but as a group we can not be ignored.”

Gordon said that it all starts with a phone call to OPEA to schedule a pizza lunch, and then working the membership list to make sure everyone in the office has been asked and given a chance to learn about OPEA.

“They will help you get your legislators involved and work with you to improve the jobs we love,” she concluded. “What can be wrong with that?”

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