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2018 Legislative Agenda


The following is what OPEA will be seeking for state employees when the regular session begins in February, 2018.  Of course, our #1 priority at this time is to get lawmakers to fix the state budget and get us out of the cycle of annual budget cuts.  OPEA is a member of the Save Our State coalition and is advocating for legislators to raise the revenue sufficient to fund state government and to fund critical state employee and teacher pay raises.  For more information go to: saveourstateok.org.

Aside from the state budget, OPEA will seek the following:

1 – unfreeze benefit allowance  (state employees have been forced to eat increased health insurance costs out of their own pocket since 2012).

2 – a $7,500 across-the-board pay raise for all state employees over a 3-year period.

3 – a 5% cost-of-living adjustment for all state employee retirees.

4 – eliminate the use-or-lose policy on annual leave.

5 – require on-call pay for all state employees.

6 – turn current shared sick-leave system into comprehensive leave program.

7 – require DOC to provide paid uniform-allowance and tie P&P officer salaries to that of other law enforcement.

8 – require OJA tie JJS salaries to that of DHS child welfare workers.

9 – merit protection system improvements.

10 – require state workers earning less than $40,000 per year be provided overtime payment in lieu of compensatory time.

11 – require state budget legislation be released to public at least 30 days prior to the end of session.

OPEA will take these issues, and more, to the Capitol in February for state employees.  We hope you will help us by advocating for these bills with your legislators.  Let them know you support our agenda and that you’ll be watching their votes on our bills!  Follow their progress by keeping in touch with us.