Legislative Update: How “Calls to Action” Will Work

By Chancen Flick


OPEA Staff works diligently during the Legislative Session to advance our agenda of bills that will improve the quality of state employment.  But it is important to remember, that elected officials must answer to one final group, their constituents.  Very few things will sway a stubborn House or Senate member like a direct phone call or email from their local voters.  OPEA sends out frequent “Calls To Action” during the Legislative Session to encourage our members to advocate for their professions.  Here are the most frequent methods we use and how to be most effective as an advocate.

Emails and phone calls are the easiest way to contact your Representative, Senator, and the Governor’s office.  If you are not sure who your elected officials are, please see this article here for more information on how to find your direct officials.  OPEA will send out blast emails throughout the Legislative Session when our priority bills are being heard in Committee, on the House or Senate Floor, or once they have been sent to the Governor’s desk.  We will do our best to include as much contact information for the necessary officials as possible with each of these Calls.

Additionally, we keep an active presence on our social media platforms to keep members informed on legislation.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see up-to-date information as it becomes available.  Those links can be found at the bottom of the Advocate email.

Finally, It does not take much effort to impact the course of legislation.  Just a few calls or emails to a specific legislator on a specific topic will move that issue up on their own priority list.  But most importantly, try to build relationships with your elected officials.  They are responsible for the policies that impact your work but oftentimes do not have much background on what your work entails.  Become a trusted contact for your House and Senate members, so when a bill that relates to your work comes along, their first thought would be to contact you!

Please feel free to contact any OPEA staff if you have questions regarding advocating for our Legislative Agenda, or reach out to Chancen Flick at chancenf@opea.org or call/text at 405-808-8181

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