MACC Site of OPEA Presentation

A presentation was held recently at the Mac Alfred Correctional Center (MACC) in String town. OPEA, acting on behalf of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, presented a $250 check to Correctional Officer James Flynn.

State Representative Paul Roan, Deputy Warden Annette Trammell and a host of MACC staff were present during the event. Flynn’s eight-year-old daughter Morgan had recently gone thru a medical procedure of a double lung transplant. Morgan, now in the Children’s Hospital in Houston, is recovering. “Morgan is finally being able to function as a normal child,” Flynn said. “The first thing she wanted to do was to go to a theme park and ride all the rides. This was something she has never been able to do.”

Flynn and Morgan’s mother stay in Houston’s Ronald McDonald house to be near their daughter. At $750 a month rent this has placed the family in a financial hardship. “Morgan’s mother and I take turns spending time with her,” said Flynn. “If it was not for my co-workers conducting fundraisers I don’t know what I’d do.”

Flynn, an OPEA and CPOF member, thanked the organizations for what they have done for him and his family. State Representative Paul Roan addressed Flynn and the audience, saying, “This is the second such event OPEA and I have attended in the past few weeks. All state employees should join OPEA,” said Representative Roan.”

“OPEA works hard for state employees and I want to thank them for what they do,” Roan said. “OPEA has always supported me and I have always supported OPEA. I have two correctional facilities in my district and I want you to know I have always worked to support the Department of Corrections. I know the importance of a strong association and I urge all state employees to join OPEA and become active members.”

“Some state employees may not be aware that Representative Roan is a retired Oklahoma Highway Patrolman” said Rick Allen, OPEA Membership Representative. “This is not the end of this story. There will be more involvement through resources OPEA members are pursuing. The motivation and accomplishments OPEA members can achieve when they come together will be apparent as OPEA members work to help their co-worker and friend.”

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