OPEA Members Anticipate Change to Geographical Districts

A lively group of Tri-County Chapter members met at the Craig County Health Department with Membership Representative Reba Turner Robinson to discuss the purposed Oklahoma Public Employees Association geographic organizational structure.

One of the objectives of the Chapter has been to alert members about the problem of obesity and cholesterol. As a result of this endeavor, the group enjoyed a luncheon of fresh fruit and vegetables and a platter from the deli with shaved meat and cheeses.

They overwhelmingly endorsed the new organizational structure, and some of their comments included:

“I can’t believe after all these years there will be meetings close enough for me to attend, I just could never get to Oklahoma City.”

“When I retire, I will get to participate because I will have more time.”

“We share our problems with other health agencies but we seem to never know about other agencies until we read about it in the paper; we just may learn that our problems are not as bad as another agency is experiencing.”

“I really like interaction with other agencies.”

“When we have Senators or Representatives meet with us, we like to be heard, not just one agency’s problems all the time.”

According to Robinson, the meeting was very successful.

“Folks out there are hungry for involvement,” Robinson said. “So far, this proposed change to geographical districts is just what state employees seem to want.”

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