OPEA Update Covid 19 March 23rd

We are corresponding with state agencies about their plans to mitigate the effects of Covid 19 at agency work sites. However, if you have questions or concerns about your work site, please contact OPEA. We are here to assist our members as they continue to provide services.

Gov. Stitt has not authorized the use of administrative leave (like when offices are closed for weather) but many agencies are doing what they can to allow workers to work from home where appropriate.

Many of you cannot work from home and we understand, many of you work in the public health, social services, healthcare, law enforcement, juvenile affairs, corrections and other agencies that just can’t stop providing services. The state owes you a debt of gratitude for the services you continue to provide.

This is why it is important to know how your agency is responding to the current situation. Please contact us if you need to and let us know the specifics of your agency so we can communicate with agency leaders.

The OPEA offices remain closed to the public, including members. Our staff is working from home as necessary to remain in contact with state leaders, our members and agency executive staff. We will use this page and our website to provide information.

Our staff is still available via email  and by telephone at 405 313-1367.

If you have questions or concerns about Covid 19, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has created the following website as a resource.


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