OPEA’s 46th Annual Convention

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Health and Safety COVID-19 Protocol

Unfortunately, due to the rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases across Oklahoma. OPEA’s executive committee has voted to not allow any in-person attendance for the 46th Annual Convention.  All business will be done online through Facebook and our Website. This decision was not made lightly. This is the second OPEA convention disrupted by the global pandemic. This year we are guaranteeing members are able to fully participate from their homes. If you have any questions about this difficult decision please reach out to OPEA staff at 405-524-6764. We hope you will join us virtually on August 28th


While we regret canceling in-person attendance going completely virtual allows us to increase online participation and accessibility for our members across the state. We have decided to spread our convention content across multiple days to avoid lengthy streams. All business is done on Facebook live at the originally planned date and time, Saturday, August 28th. In the following days, we will be releasing bite-sized informational speaker videos that will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and our website at noon each day. On Tuesday, August 31st at noon, We will be hosting the only other live stream with Representative Osburn. The detailed itinerary is as follows:


2021 Convention and Delegate Assembly

Saturday, August 28th at 9:30 a.m.
Livestream on Facebook. Video will be uploaded to our website

9:30 to 9:40 a.m.

Recognize Sponsors
9:40 to 9:45 a.m.

OPEA President’s Address: Rita Heath
9:45 to 10 a.m.

 Platform Plank Presentation
10 to 10:30 a.m.

Closing Remarks
10:30 to 10:40 a.m.

Sunday, August 29th at Noon
Video uploaded to Facebook and website
Guest Speaker: Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn

Monday, August 30th at Noon
Video uploaded to Facebook and website
OPEA Vice President Hank Swearingen: Discussion of Dues
Online Voting on Platform Planks will begin on August 30th by 5 PM

Tuesday, August 31st at Noon
Livestream on Facebook. Video will be uploaded to our website
Merit Modernization: Market Based and Pay Performance Discussion
Representative Mike Osburn & OPEA Executive Director, Sterling Zearley

Wednesday, September 1st at Noon
Video uploaded to Facebook and website
Presentation: Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA)
Omarr Guerrero, Vice President, Association Member Benefits Advisors

New Planks

  • State Employee Hazard Duty Pay for DHS Child Welfare & ODOT Maintenance
  • Income tax deduction for Oklahoma state employees
  • Reduced cost of tags and licenses for Oklahoma state employees
  • Reduced cost of in-state tuition for Oklahoma state employees
  • Discounts at state parks and lodges
  • Floating Holiday
  •  All military years of services counts as Oklahoma state years of service
  • Juneteenth be recognized as a state-paid holiday
  • Add hearing health coverage to the state employee insurance coverage
  • Pay over time at DHS
  • Invest in mental health counseling and training for DOC facilities to prevent them from becoming long-term mental health centers. Hiring more mental health staff at DOC

Carryover Planks

We have just finished the first of the 2-year legislative cycle with the 58th Oklahoma Legislature. Therefore, all legislation that was introduced last year by OPEA that did not make it through the legislative process but is eligible to be heard this year will be carried over into this year’s legislative agenda.

The carryover platforms are as follows:

  • Implementation of a state employee market-based pay plan
  • Tie the state employee minimum wage to family of four instead of the current family of three amount
  • Require all state employees receive a certain level of compensation for working “on-call”
  • Prevent state employees from losing earned annual leave due to “use or lose” provision in state law and require payment for hours over limits
  • Increase state employee longevity pay by starting at $500 and increasing by $250 up to $2750
  • Increase the health benefit allowance for retirees from $105 to $150 per month
  • Modify OPERS statutory requirements to ensure at least one OPEA member serves on the OPERS board through statuary requirements
  • Reform or eliminate the OPLAA and the institution of retiree COLA triggers in OPERS rules to make sure COLAs are safely provided to retirees more frequently than in the past
  • Develop a new form of state employee leave to be used specifically for time spent volunteering for charitable causes and organizations
  • Move OPERS members hired after 2015 into the defined benefit pension plan instead of the Pathfinder defined contribution plan
  • Adding an additional form of administrative leave to be used to improve state employees’ physical wellness
  • Tie Court Reporters’ salary to the Judicial Compensation Review Board
  • Establish a yearly stipend for state employees who are teleworking to be used for office supplies, internet, and other related expenses not covered by the employer
  • Return to legislative and executive appointments of boards and commissions that provide oversight of state agencies

Platform Plank Procedure

  • Any Platform Plank from the 2020 OPEA convention that did not make it through the legislative process will be automatically rolled over into a 2021 platform plank
    • All rollover planks will be provided to members no later than June 1st.
  • Members can begin to submit platform planks on June 2nd
    • Members must submit planks online and/or at membership meetings
      • Online Platform Plank submission will be done by filling out our online form or by emailing them to tonyd@opea.org
      • You must be an OPEA member to submit a platform plank
        • members who submit a platform plank must present the plank in person at convention or designate someone who is familiar with the plank to present at convention such as your regional director. Planks not introduced at convention will not be eligible to be voted on.
  • All planks submitted will be sent to the platform plank committee for review
    • Once the plank committee has reviewed a plank submission. Each board member will receive a copy of each platform plank from their region to reach out to the member to discuss the details and if approved by the plank committee they must determine who will introduce the plank at convention.
  • All platform planks must be submitted to OPEA by July 9th at 5PM
    • Submitted platform planks up for consideration will be published through OPEA’s electronic advocate, social media, and website no later than July 23rd
  • Planks will be officially introduced at OPEA  live stream Convention on August 28th
    • OPEA Convention will be live-streamed online using Facebook Live
      • Online attendees may ask questions
      • Online Attendees may not debate, or amend platform planks
        • If they wish to do so they must contact their assigned board member
      • Online Voting on Platform Planks will begin on or before August 30th at 5 PM
        • Voting opens following the conclusion of OPEA convention to ensure that the online voting system accurately reflects any changes to planks
        • All votes must be placed online. No votes for the final approval of planks will be heard at convention
        • OPEA platform plank committee and staff will count and verify votes using the online form
          • To vote on platform planks you must be an OPEA member prior to July 1, 2021
        • Voting on Platform planks will end on September 8th at 5PM
          • OPEA platform plank committee will certify the votes
        • The voting results on the platform will be announced on or before September 13th.


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