Representative Pittman Encourages OKDHS Rockwell Office

You could hear a pin drop as State Representative Anastasia Pittman actively engaged the workers at the OKDHS 55H Rockwell Chapter recently in Oklahoma City. All eyes and ears were on her as they enjoyed their lunch, compliments of OPEA!
“The OPEA is really a great way to connect the state employees of Oklahoma in order to preserve their values such as health care and other benefits their family holds dear,” said Representative Pittman. “The quickest and most of efficient way for worker’s voices to be heard is through OPEA. The association has a very good reputation at the Capitol which is growing even stronger,” said Pittman.
“Representative Pittman truly cares about her constituents and about the plight of the state employees of Oklahoma,” said OPEA Membership Director Brandon Watkins. “Pittman was a highly-endorsed OPEAPAC incumbent, and enjoyed an overwhelming victory last month. It was apparent in the way she interfaced with the workers at 55H,” said Watkins.
“Representative Pittman has a way of connecting with the employees of state government like no other law maker I’ve seen. Her sincerity about making a difference shines through, as it did here today. She discussed with workers her passion for health care and the importance in investing in ones future,” Watkins said.
“She asked her audience where they see themselves down the road and what kind of contribution they can make for themselves today that will affect their future tomorrow. Representative Pittman described how easily their health care, along with other benefits, may potentially be taken away; She emphasized the importance of combating that ever-looming threat by joining OPEA,” said Watkins.
“Bethany 55H meeting was great with the dynamic presence of Representative Anastasia Pittman, who inspired the new generation of social workers to join OPEA,” said OPEA Board Member and Long Term Care worker Thomas Kalayilparampil. “On a personal level it was a very humbling experience for me as I visited some of my previous supervisors and work mates at the new office. Bethany office has a lot to contribute to the OKDHS Council and to OPEA in the long run,” said Kalayilparampil.
By joining OPEA, you are making the wisest investment you can make for your future as a state employee. If you’re interested in making that investment for yourself, and joining an association which consistently works for you, then it’s time to take action and join OPEA today! For further information please contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 205 or visit our website at

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