Submit Your Idea as an OPEA Platform Plank

You may have a great idea about legislation that would benefit OPEA members or state agencies or one about how your state agency could be improved. If so, now is the time to submit those to OPEA as part of our 2017 platform process.

OPEA’s platform, developed annually, serves as the basis for OPEA activities and legislative agenda during the year. Planks that make up the platform come from members and are considered for approval at the OPEA Annual Convention/Delegate Assembly held each August. 2017 platform plank submittal form. We encourage you to print the form, complete the top section with your idea and submit it to OPEA.

Planks must be submitted to OPEA by August 1, 2017. Members may submitted by mail, via email to or by fax at (405) 524-4671. Once submitted, the plank is reviewed by OPEA’s platform committee and then sent on for consideration at the convention.  The committee works to combine planks that may be similar and occasionally disapproves a plank that may not be consistent with OPEA’s mission.

OPEA uses some approved platform planks as the basis for legislation. For example, state employees now get two days paid holiday days at Christmas. It hasn’t always been that way. Back when we only got one paid day, OPEA pushed  legislation approving the second day as a result of an idea that came from a member as a platform plank.

Platform plank authors frequently attend OPEA’s annual convention to present their plank. If they cannot attend, they work with other members who will be attending or their regional director to ensure that the plank is presented during the general assembly portion of the convention.

If you have questions about the process, please call the OPEA offices at (405) 524-6764 or email your regional director.