2006 Audit Concluded

The OPEA executive board, at its December 7 meeting, approved the 2006 independent audit, which showed, in short, that the association’s finances have rebounded significantly since a similar audit in 2005.

“By improving internal controls, the association has righted our ship to a point that we now have our finances in the shape that OPEA members should expect from a professional association,” said Sterling Zearley, OPEA executive director.

Zearley adds that the strong financial picture of the organization was achieved through team work.

“The OPEA board and staff should take a great deal of the credit as they worked side by side through difficult times to make the internal changes necessary for this organization to continue to move forward,” he said.

Zearley expects even better financial news upon receipt of the 2007 audit.

“We will continue to make sure that our members’ dues are used in a responsible manner,” he said.

In keeping with the association’s bylaws, results of the audit are on file in the OPEA for review by members.

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