OPEA Announces 2020 Agenda

OPEA is proud to announce our legislative agenda for the upcoming Second Session of the 57th Oklahoma Legislature, which will begin in February 2020. Our agenda has been developed entirely with input from our members and is completely focused on improving state employment in every agency and department, as well as retirement. The agenda is…

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Join OPEA – It’s important!

OPEA members join the association for various reasons. Some sign on to have someone in their corner during personnel actions. Others join because they want to make their job better, they k now OPEA is the only association working every day for state employees.. It is common, however, for members to say they joined OPEA…

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OPEA Mission

Since 1975, OPEA’s mission has been to bring Oklahoma state employees together to work as one to improve the quality of state employment.  We are a grass-roots, member-driven organization, striving every day to make the State of Oklahoma a great place to work.