OPEA 2018 Legislative Agenda - Recap

HB 3280 – by Rep. Kannady (R-Moore) & Sen. Rosino (R-Yukon) – Eliminate “use-or-lose” policy on earned vacation leave – Passed House – Not heard in Senate Appropriations

HB 2767 – Rep. Osburn (R-OKC) & Sen. Kay Floyd (D-OKC) – Comprehensive Merit System Reform – Passed House – Failed in Senate Committee

SB 1581 – Sen. Floyd (D-OKC) & Rep. Osborn (R-Mustang) – Expands shared leave program – Signed by Governor   The bill creates a leave bank to be made up of donated annual and sick leave from state employees who leave state employment.  All state employees who have an FMLA qualifying event can access the leave bank, to be administered by OMES, if the employee is unable to gain shared leave within their own agency.

HB 2637 – Rep. D. Roberts (R-Durant)- $7500 across-the-board pay raise for all state employees – Bill not heard in committee – (HB1024X passed in special session).     Pay raises are provided to all state employees based on their current salaries.  Those earning less than $40,000 year were provided $2,000 per year increases – those earning between $40,000 and $50,000 got $1500 increases – those earning between $50,000 and $60,000 got $1,000 increases, and those earning more than $60,000 got $750 increases.   

HB 3144 – Rep. Dunnington (D-OKC) – Unfreeze the benefit allowance – Bill not heard in committee 

HB 2985 – Rep. Frix (R-Muskogee) – 8% COLA for retired state employees – Bill not heard on House floor – (HB1340 – retiree stipend passed in regular session)

HB 1892 – Rep. Virgin (D-OKC) – Standardize and require compensation for on-call duty – Bill not heard in committee

HB 1868 – Rep. Dunnington – Require all state employees earning less than $40,000 per year be automatically considered overtime-eligible – Bill eligible for Senate floor vote

HB3332 – Rep. McEntire (R-Duncan) – Provide 6-weeks paid family leave for state employees – Bill not heard in committee

HB 2974 – Rep. Frix – Mandate CO promotion after cadet graduation – Bill not heard in committee

HB 3006 – Rep. F. Bennett (D-OKC) – Require hours worked above certain amount per day be automatically credited as overtime to curtail widespread practice of “work-week adjustments.” – Bill not heard in committee