2018 Insurance Premiums Increase Hits State Employees & Retirees Again

Most state employees and retirees will see an increase in their health insurance premiums in 2018. The premiums were announces on August 10th at a meeting of the Oklahoma Employees Insurance and Benefits Board and approved by OMES Director Preston L. Doerflinger.

Even thought he board said they did the best to keep rate increases down, the new rates hit active and retired state employees in the pocket book again.

Many state employees have not had a pay raise in years and retirees have not had a cost of living increase in years. Our compensation (salaries and benefits) remain more than 25 percent below what they could earn performing similar jobs in the private sector.

2018 Insurance Premiums: Current Employees

2018 Insurance Premiums: Former Employees (Pre Medicare)

2018 Insurance Premiums: Retirees (Medicare)



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