2020 OPEA Convention Cancelled, Platform Process Revised.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the OPEA Board of Directors cancelled this year’s Annual Convention and Delegate Assembly and authorized an alternative platform plank process for this year only. OPEA expects the convention to return next year when we will celebrate our 45th anniversary that is this year.

The board also approved the following processes as a one-year deviation from the traditional process due to limitations caused by the Covid-19 situation. Platform planks approved by the membership form the basis of our association’s legislative agenda in 2021. We are still accepting new plank ideas for this year to be considered. Also, the OPEA board of directors voted to “roll over” the planks from last year that were not achieved.

Members may continue to submit new planks for consideration via email at info@opea.org until 5:00 p.m. June 30th, 2020.

After June 30th, OPEA will post the new proposed planks on our website and social media for members to review. They may contact their Regional Director if they have any questions.

Members will be able to vote yes or no for each new plank online. Voting will run from July 20th, 2020 and end on August 3rd, 2020. Only OPEA members will be able to vote and OPEA staff will verify that all votes received were cast by members.

Planks receiving a simple majority of member votes will be considered approved and included with carryover planks as the OPEA 2020 agenda. The agenda will be shared with the entire membership by August 21, 2020

Here is a list of the carryover planks that have been approved by the OPEA board.

1.      Market  Based Pay Plan

2.      Tie the state employee minimum    wage to family of 4 vs family of 3

3.      Require all state employees receive certain compensation for working “on-call”

4.      Modify the frozen benefit allowance

5.      Prevent loss of earned annual leave due to “use or lose” provision in state law and require payment for hours over limits

6.       Merit System Reform and Preservation

7.      Increase longevity pay by starting at $500 (vs $250) and increasing by $250 up to $2750 (vs $2000)

8.      Increase the health benefit allowance for retirees from $105 to $150 per month

9.      Placing at least one OPEA member on the OPERS Board through statuary requirements

10.  Reform or elimination of the OPLAA and the institution of COLA triggers in OPERS rules based up on the Social Security Index or market parameters

11.  Develop a new form of leave to be used specifically for time spent volunteering for charitable causes and organizations

12.  Moving OPERS members hired after 2015 into the defined benefit system

13.  Adding an additional form of administrative leave focused on physical wellness

14.  Court Reporters salary tied to Judicial Compensation Review Board




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