2022 Plank Voting Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted a plank, Attended Convention, or placed a ballot. Your participation in our association is critical to our long-term legislative success! Plank voting closed on Tuesday, September 13th at 5 PM. Our Plank Committee has reviewed and approved the results as of 09/15/2022. This year every plank that advanced from convention to online voting was approved. 291 valid ballots were submitted and the detailed results are as follows:


Plank 1
Market-Based Pay Concept – Presented & Authored by Rita Heath
Develop and implements a market-based pay plan and philosophy for state

Approved (272 Votes to Approve, 19 Votes to Deny)

Plank 2
Pay for Performance Concept – Presented & Authored by Jim Cook
Develop and implement a pay-for-performance pay plan and philosophy for
state employees

Approved (217 Votes to Approve, 74 Votes to Deny)

Plank 3
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for State Retirees – Presented & Authored by Connie Stockton
Grant a Cost-of-Living increase for retired state employees.

Approved (285 Votes to Approve, 6 Votes to Deny)

Plank 4
Cost of Living Adjustment Triggers – Presented &Authored by Thomas Kalayilparampil
Develop and implements market-based criteria or “Triggers” for the public retirement system to grant Cost of Living increases to retirees

Approved (279 Votes to Approve, 12 Votes to Deny)

Plank 5
Use it or Lose it Leave Reform – Presented & Authored by Hank Swearingen
Ensure State employees do not lose their annual leave they have accrued like OPEA’s 2021 Legislation HB 2294.

Approved (279 Votes to Approve, 12 Votes to Deny)

Plank 6
Civil Service Modernization Edits – Presented & Authored by Randy Chitwood
Continue to update and revise the Civil Service Modernization Act to best protect state employees

Approved (279 Votes to Approve, 12 Votes to Deny)

Plank 7
Return to the Defined Benefit Pension Retirement Plan – Presented & Authored by Rita Heath
Return state employees to a defined benefit plan and close the current defined contribution Plan “Pathfinder” that was implemented for state employees hired after
November 2015

Approved (269 Votes to Approve, 22 Votes to Deny)

Plank 8
 Add positions into the Hazard Duty Retirement (20-year Retirement) – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
Place additional job titles under the OPERS Hazardous Duty retirement system
(i.e., Fire Marshals, Military Police, Child Welfare)

Plank 8 Approved (249 Votes to Approve, 42 Votes to Deny)

Plank 9
Create a stipend for state employees who have adopted children – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
Establish a stipend to cover adoption costs for state employees

Plank 9 Approved (176 Votes to Approve, 115 Votes to Deny)

Plank 10
Return to the rule of 80 for state retirement qualification – Presented & Authored by Shana Stafford
Return retirement age to the “Rule of 80”. The rule of 80 referred to your years of service plus age to determine retirement eligibility.

Approved (262 Votes to Approve, 29 Votes to Deny)

Plank 11
Option for employees to pay slightly more for insurance to get better coverage – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
Expand the options for vision, dental, and other supplemental insurance benefits

Approved (200 Votes to Approve, 91 Votes to Deny)

Plank 12
Establish a Floating Holiday – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
(Juneteenth, Indigenous Peoples Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) (HB 4190) –
Pass legislation like the Texas Floating Holiday rule. Allowing each individual employee
to choose their preferred floating holiday

Approved (248 Votes to Approve, 43 Votes to Deny)

Plank 13
Paid Leave for Volunteering at a non-profit – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
 Expand HB 1943 (2021) to allow for paid/admin leave to volunteer for nonprofits

Approved (196 Votes to Approve, 95 Votes to Deny)

Plank 14
Expand the COVID-19 Child Care Credit – Presented & Authored by Jon Vandiver
Codify and make permanent the Child Care Credit that was offered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approved (180 Votes to Approve, 111 Votes to Deny)

Plank 15
Tuition Reimbursement for advancing education in a topic relevant to your state job – Presented & Authored by Traci Allen
Develop a program to assist all state employees with continuing education in exchange for state service.

Approved (258 Votes to Approve, 33 Votes to Deny)

Plank 16
Standardize on-call practices across state government – Presented & Authored by Valerie Adair
Establish standardized on-call compensation & practices through all agencies.

Approved (254 Votes to Approve, 37 Votes to Deny)

Amended Plank 17
Discounts for state employees & retirees at state parks – Presented & Authored by Kacia Robinson
Expand the Dept. of Tourism Employee Stay benefit to all state employees & Retirees.
Reintroduce HB 3320 (2022).

Approved (265 Votes to Approve, 26 Votes to Deny)

Plank 18
Increase Benefit Allowance – Presented & Authored by Kacia Robinson
Expand the benefit allowance increases established by SB 650.

Approved (281 Votes to Approve, 10 Votes to Deny)

Plank 19
Grant Park rangers increased power and authority to police – Presented & Authored by Michael Willeby
Pass rules or legislation granting Park Rangers the same law enforcement jurisdictions as other statewide LE Officers.

Approved (220 Votes to Approve, 71 Votes to Deny)

Amended Plank 20
Hazard Duty Pay for state employees determining safety factors – Presented & Authored by Robert Callahan
Grant any state employee hazardous duty pay while determining safety factors that could lead to the removal of a family member from a home.

 Approved (224 Votes to Approve, 67 Votes to Deny)

Plank 21
Standardized Differential Pay – Presented & Authored by Tina Anderson
Pass rules or legislation requiring differential pay for employees in positions that previously required extended certification but no longer list those requirements.

Approved (203 Votes to Approve, 88 Votes to Deny)

Plank 22
Payout sick leave over 960 upon retirement – Presented & Authored by Lisa Linzy
Pass Legislation to have 50-70 percent of unused sick leave be paid out upon
retirement or have the equivalent monetary amount placed in SoonerSave.

Denied (Not Introduced at the 47th Annual OPEA Convention)

Plank 23
Increase Retiree Benefit Allowance – Presented & Authored by Larry Johnson
Increase the retiree benefit allowance to match the Medicare premium.

Approved (284 Votes to Approve, 7 Votes to Deny)

Plank 24
Add Paid Maternity, Paternity, and Medical Leave to the State Employee Benefits Package
– Presented & Authored by Chris Cremin
Establish paid maternity, paternity, and medical leave in the state employee
benefits package.

Denied (Not Introduced at the 47th Annual OPEA Convention)

Amended Plank 25
Expand the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Presented & Authored by Jennifer Johnson
Expand EAP to 80 hours a calendar year.

Approved (252 Votes to Approve, 39 Votes to Deny)

Plank 26
 Expand FMLA – Presented by Alicia Lincoln
Add siblings and mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law to the state’s definition of family for FMLA.

Approved (257 Votes to Approve, 34 Votes to Deny)

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