An Important Message about Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland

Dear OPEA members,

I’m writing today to request your help.

November 2nd is right around the corner, and Oklahomans will have many important decisions to make in the voting booth this year. Quite possibly the most important decision you will make tomorrow is in the election for Insurance Commissioner. Insurance directly affects every household and every citizen in the state of Oklahoma.

OPEA has endorsed Kim Holland and we encourage you vote for her tomorrow.

Commissioner Holland has worked tirelessly to provide affordable health insurance to state employees, fighting to keep down premiums and co-pays, while working to improve employee wellness opportunities. Commissioner Holland understands the challenges faced by our hardworking state employees, especially as we are facing difficult budget decisions.

Kim does not believe in partisan politics. She has worked with members of both parties during her tenure and is regularly called upon by both our state legislature and our congressional delegation to offer advice. Politics should have no role in fair regulation, and Kim has led by example. She has been an advocate for our citizens, especially our seniors, and she has worked diligently to fight insurance fraud. She has done a great job as Insurance Commissioner, and she deserves your vote. She will have mine.

Please take a minute to look at the following list of Kim’s accomplishments and goals. You can also find information by clicking here. Polls will close at 7:00pm on Tuesday, November 2.

Thank you for your time and consideration. With your support, I know we can make this happen!

Kim Holland’s Accomplishments
· Restored integrity to an office that was previously clouded by controversy and corruption for over a decade.
· Cleaned house and recruited talented individuals who understand that we serve the people
· In a difficult budget year, our office saved the state of Oklahoma $3M which was then used to fund other essential services
· Implemented technological improvements that have eliminated bureaucratic red tape, facilitated real-time response, and saved hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars
· Emphasized consumer advocacy and protections, returning millions of dollars to policy holders through aggressive pursuit of insurer oversight, error, indifference and fraud
· Expanded educational outreach to all consumers with particular emphasis on seniors
· Instrumental to the development and success of Oklahoma’s popular Insure Oklahoma health insurance program, creating affordable health insurance options for thousands of individuals and small businesses throughout the state.
· Recognized nationally as a leader in consumer protections and regulatory excellence. Elected by my peers as an officer to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
· Placed people before politics. I have a proven track record of collaboration with state and national lawmakers, regardless of party. My expert and independent voice on insurance regulatory and policy matters has been routinely sought after by business leaders, consumer groups, insurance professionals, and government officials.

Goals for the Future
· Continue to be an outstanding example of an honest, effective and frugal public servant
· Get uninsured drivers off the roads. Almost 25% of those behind the wheel are not carrying the legal minimum level of insurance coverage. As a result, Oklahoma has the second highest uninsured motorist rates in the nation. It’s time we get serious about the public’s safety and get tough on people who get behind the wheel without insurance.
· Push for a fraud prosecutor. The Oklahoma Insurance Department has an aggressive anti-fraud unit with police powers, but, our ability to act on this issue is limited to civil penalties and fines. People who take financial advantage of our citizens must be held accountable as the criminals they are. An OID-housed prosecutor will ensure that financial crimes against our citizens are prioritized and perpetrators are punished harshly.
· Push the legislature for authority to deny unreasonable health insurance rate increases. Our citizens should know that the state holds insurers to the highest standard in justifying their need to increase health insurance premiums.
· Promote Oklahoma solutions to affordable health insurance – expand Insure Oklahoma
· Work with legislators, insurers and others to promote policies, practices and laws that keep insurance rates low. Premium savings means more money in the pockets of our citizens and our businesses.
· Preserve state-based insurance regulation. States have a long and proven track record of effective insurance industry oversight for the protection of our consumers. The federal government does not. I will continue to be a strong advocate for Oklahoma’s sovereign right to take care of our own.

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