Another Attack on the Benefit Allowance! You Could Lose Hundreds of Dollars

In a shady, backroom deal, Representative Glen Mulready amended a bill to drastically reduce the state employee benefit allowance. SB 305, originally a shell bill on retirement, was amended in the House Economic Development, Tourism and Financial Services Committee. The amendment was filed 30 minutes after the start of the committee meeting.

Under the provisions of SB 305, individual state employees could lose as much as $186 per month from their benefit allowance. Employees electing dependent coverage could lose as much as $307 per month. The benefit allowance would not even cover the cost of most health insurance premiums.

The vote on this bill could come up early next week. E-mail your House member over the weekend or call first thing Monday morning. If you have your House member’s home number, call them at home over the weekend. Tell them to VOTE NO on SB 305.

House Phone Numbers: 405-521-2711 or 800-522-8502

Legislators authoring bills regarding state employee health insurance have filed timely amendments and discussed their bills with OPEA. Representative Mulready has never talked to OPEA about insurance and filed this amendment without notice to OPEA and our legislative friends.We encourage you to call him at home over the weekend and tell him how this would devastate state employees and their families.

Representative Glen Mulready 918-445-2420

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