Apply for WAGE Scholarships!

By Candice Steele

OPEA has long been a member of the Working Assembly of Governmental Employees (WAGE).  WAGE is an organization of similar independent membership associations across the country working to advance employees’ rights and benefits.  One of the benefits offered to OPEA members through WAGE is the chance to apply for the Penny C. Rasmussen Scholarship.  Two scholarships are selected annually among the members or first-degree dependents of affiliated organizations, such as OPEA.  Please consider applying!

As a member of OPEA you or your first-degree dependent has the opportunity to apply for one of two $500 nationwide scholarships through WAGE.    Please click here  for more information, including the application and supporting documents required with the application.  Please email the completed application, supporting documents or any questions by June 8, 2023 to

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