Boomer Chapter Moves Forward Holding Elections

The OPEA Boomer Chapter in Enid recently held an election at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in order to elect their new chapter officers and OPEA was there to mediate the election and provide lunch for the crowd. Exciting and hopeful times ahead indeed for the Boomer Chapter who is currently building-up their chapter in preparation for the upcoming 2010 legislative session. OPEAPAC Trustee Lynne Bussell is a retired State Health Department employee who was also present as well lending support to the meeting.
OPEA would like to publicly recognize the new Boomer Chapter Officers who will be leading Garfield County to newfound heightened success- Jim Darst President, Esther Fischer Vice President, Linda Briggs Secretary, and Jodi Shrewsbury Treasurer.
“I’m excited to be a part of a great team in order to advance the concerns of our local state employees,” said OPEA Chapter President and OKDHS Social Services Specialist II Jim Darst. “We’re trying to be a part of the solution of the challenges Oklahoma state government employees face everyday. I appreciate the support of our dedicated state workers who believe in Oklahoma and are committed to delivering the best services with the limited resources available,” Darst said.
“It’s an honor for me to be elected Secretary of the OPEA Boomer Chapter,” said Linda Briggs. “I look forward to improving the outlook of our local membership as well as supporting all state employees in our quest to pass legislation which improves our stand as a public employee association. I wouldn’t have committed to this if I did not believe in the necessity. All state workers need to belong for our voice to be heard loud and clear at the Capitol,” Briggs said.
“We’re living in troubled economic times right now for everyone, but especially for Oklahoma state government employees who have had to weather this kind of economic storm for way too long,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “I’m privileged to know and work with tough people like the ones here at the Enid OKDHS county office who meets the challenges we’re all facing and get tougher by uniting and pushing through the issues in a positive manner. The Boomer Chapter is well on its way to becoming an organized, powerful component to the OPEA chapter infrastructure,” Watkins said.
OPEA has been the only vehicle for state employee’s voices to be heard for the past 34 years, with every generation contributing leaders who can and have made a difference.
“I’m excited about the new leaders in our office and look forward to seeing their leadership develop,” said long time OPEA member and OKDHS Administrative Tech IV Geneva Martens. “We can all strive to make the difference and I will continue to strive along with them,” Martens said.
OPEA would like to congratulate all of the volunteer leaders who stepped-up and connected with their office positions, with full intention of making a positive difference for all state government employees. If you would like to contribute to that positive difference then take the first step and join OPEA today! Please contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 818-3009 or visit

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