Brad Rogers Selected as Gains Stout Recipient for 2019


Brad Rogers, a Senior Criminalist with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, was honored as the 2019 Gaines Stout Member of the Year recipient at the 2019 OPEA annual convention held in August. Rogers has worked for OSBI for 23 years and specializes in an area of forensic science known as trace evidence.

In 2017, employees of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation brought concerns about their agency’s management to OPEA, stating they could not bring the issues to the attention to their agency’s leadership because they feared retaliation

Rogers assumed a leadership role with this group of employees and worked to bring these issues to the OPEA along with the other staff members. Meetings were held to determine the best course of action to resolve their concerns in a very positive and proactive manner. Many late evening meetings were held with these employees and he was always there to support them.

It took several months to resolve these issues and at times it was a painful process. But these employees preserved in making necessary changes to their workplace.

“The real positive thing to take away from this is that Brad was not afraid to “stick his neck out” to correct ongoing problems within the agency. Brad never disrespect any person but focused on the needed changes within his agency,” said Dixie Jackson, OPEA Lifetime Achievement Recipient. “This is what Leadership looks like.”

Neither Rogers, nor any other employee had any financial gain nor did they want any financial gain from this action. They simply wanted to be able to the job they are hired to do without fear and retaliation

He also serves as pastor of Redemption United Methodist Church, consisting of a ministry dedicated to men and women who have endured a life of addition and incarceration. He enjoys spending time with his wife Christy, their three children Kylie, Kelsey, and Kendall, family dogs Kloie and Dixie, and last but not least, he enjoys helping Kendall with his pet snake, a red tail boa named Tina.

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