Call Gov. Stitt Today And Ask Him To Support A $2,500 Pay Raise – (405) 521-2342

Call Your Governer - Action Alert

If state employees are going to get a pay raise this approved this session, Gov. Stitt will have to sign a FY2020 budget that includes the raise. OPEA is optimistic he will have an opportunity to consider a budget that includes the pay raise but we are unsure whether or not he would sign it. He recently vetoed a bill requiring agencies to pay overtime to lower-wage employees but said in his veto statement that state employee pay and benefits is critical to ensuring Oklahoma retains the best and brightest in state government.

He must hear from every state employee how important this raise is.  A large volume of calls and emails to his office could be the difference on whether he would approve a budget with the pay raise. The more calls and emails he receives, the better. Please, don’t sit this one out.

Call him today and tell his office:  “Oklahoma’s Fiscal Year 2020 state budget must have a $2,500 pay raise for every state employee included if we are going to keep the best and brightest state employees. Please only sign a budget agreement that includes the $2,500 pay raise for every state employee.”

Share this with your coworkers and ask them to call. He needs to hear from every state employee.



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