Call Legislators Now with Emergency Message

With only three weeks left in session, OPEA members must create a “significant emotional experience” for legislators and the governor in order to move them to act on state employee compensation.

State leaders are taking the easy way out by planning to leave a week early and not address the challenging issues of the crisis in state employment and compensation. The $85 million in turnover cost and critical staffing issues are their responsibility. As long as the Rainy Day Fund is full, they cannot say “there is no money” and walk away from the problem. The legislature and the governor must live up to their responsibilities as leaders and address the crisis in state employment. A one-time bonus to all state employees would stabilize the workforce and provide much-needed relief for state employees.

Tell legislators that they must send a message to the governor now to declare an emergency in state employment and provide a bonus to all state employees from the Rainy Day Fund.

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