Dates Set for State Employee Retirees at The Capitol

Retired state employees and those soon to be retired need to tell lawmakers that it is time for a cost of living adjustment. Please save the dates of February 3rd, February 10th, February 17th to advocate for a retirement increase.

If you are a retired state employee or are planning to retire soon please join us at the capitol on one of those dates. If you can’t make it we will want you to contact key representatives to ask them for their support of a retiree increase. The fight for an retirement increase is going to be an ongoing effort but it is time to begin the work in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

OPEA board members Don Keenan and Cheryl Horsley, other retiree members and OPEA staff are currently planning for those days’ events. Please save those dates on your calendars to join us in person or, if you can’t attend in person, to contact the lawmakers for support.

Retired OPEA members worked had last year to help advocate for an increase in employee compensation that was seen last year. They will continue to work this year as OPEA fights to improve state employee pay. If you are an active state employee member, please help your fellow members by working for a pension increase.

OPEA will be providing more information about which legislators to contact and what to tell them and we will provide that information in the next couple of days

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