Davis ODOT Jockeying For Chapter Position

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association recently held a Chapter Meeting with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation at the Pizza Hut in Davis. The 100 percent OPEA membership decided to sit down with OPEA Chapter Development Strategist Brandon Watkins to see what kind of impact the chapter can make with their legislators and community.
“This is really exciting for me to have the opportunity to sit down with this excellent group of state workers and see the chapter develop from the ground up,” said Watkins. “They definitely have the right spirit and raw materials to have a very successful chapter, which I believe will have a positive impact with the legislature.”
Currently, the chapter does not technically qualify as being an “official” chapter due to the OPEA Chapter By-Laws and not meeting the one criterion of having ten signatures. At present, they have eight signatures. However, this problem is seen as a minor impediment to the Davis group.
“I see this as a minor problem to overcome,” said ODOT Supervisor Denny Boyd. “We do have a plan. This challenge will be met by including other agencies within Murray County to join this chapter. We’ve discussed it between ourselves, and now with Brandon, to hold a dinner at the Expo where all state employees from around Murray County will be invited to attend and be included in the chapter if they so desire. This is a numbers game and we’re here to play to win,” Boyd said.
Look for the press release and fliers coming to Murray County soon. If you live there, or anywhere in the state and want to become a member of the only association working for you on a consistent basis, then join OPEA and make a difference! Phone Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 208 to join or set up a luncheon in your area.

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