DHS Pay Reductions Would be Severe

With the news of impending furloughs spreading like wildfire through DHS, employees have learned from DHS payroll exactly how their checks will be affected each month. The chart, disseminated from DHS payroll, shows how an employee’s base salary would be affected each month under the proposed furlough plan.

OPEA members in DHS have been calling and emailing the Association with their concerns and ideas. “We are seeing more and more DHS employees who have continued to do more with less reach a point of frustration,” said OPEA Deputy Director Scott Barger. “OPEA will be attending DHS budget briefings in the House and Senate this week to try and make sense of this budget crisis. One thing is for sure, no state employee can stand to have their pay checks cut by 8.8 percent. It is simply unimaginable.”

One employee wrote: “DHS Employees have not had a raise since 2006, no cost of living, no merit, no performance, no nothing. Now the state wants Employees to take a 10% pay cut for all but six weeks next year. The state budget must not be balanced on the backs of employees any cuts must start in the pay of administers and those at the top not at the bottom.” Another wrote: “It is time for DHS employees to protest at the Capitol. We give everything to the state and in turn, we have our pay checks cut?”

OPEA has scheduled a meeting with Director Hendrick to talk about the budget situation. “We certainly know Director Hendrick is in an extremely difficult situation with the budget, “Barger said. “There are other ways including legislative solutions that need to be explored. We will also be asking to address the DHS Commission on April 27th as well.”
Pay Day
Furlough Hours
% Reduced
August 13, 2010
16 9.52%
September 15, 2010
16 8.70%
October 15, 2010
20 11.36%
November 15, 2010
16 9.52%
December 15, 2010
12 6.82%
January 14, 2011
12 6.82%
February 15, 2011
16 9.09%
March 15, 2011
16 10.00%
April 15, 2011
20 10.87%
May 14, 2011
16 10.00%
June 15, 2011
16 8.70%
July 15, 2011
8 4.55%
Total 184 8.81%
OPEA has learned DHS will be issuing additional information regarding the impact of the proposed furloughs on employees in the very near future.

“This is a critical time for DHS employees as the legislature is beginning to discuss the budget,” said Barger. “If we are going to have an impact then we have to move quickly.”

Employees wanting to be involved should contact the OPEA office or attend/coordinate a meeting in their work location.

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