DOC Employees! OPEA Press Conference to End Furloughs!

Department of Corrections employees from across Oklahoma will hold a press conference on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 2:00 PM, at the State Capitol Press Room (432B), to discuss issues ranging from furloughs to overtime and the impact the staffing crisis is having on their lives. They are asking the Director to suspend the furloughs and for the legislature to provide DOC with supplemental funding. The Oklahoma Public Employees Association is sponsoring the press conference.

“Never in the state’s history has the crisis in funding and shortages in staff put the lives of officers and citizens at such risk,” said Sterling Zearley, OPEA Executive Director. “We are inviting corrections officers and case managers to discuss the impact of the budget crisis.”

The Department of Corrections estimates it only needs $9 million to halt the furloughs for the rest of this fiscal year.

“We hope that the legislature will take note of this serious situation and act quickly on a DOC a supplemental appropriation,” Zearley said.

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