Don Keenan Chosen 2018 OPEA Retiree of the Year


Don Keenan is the 2018 Oklahoma Public Employees Association Retiree of the Year recipient. He was honored at last month’s convention at OPEA’s award luncheon sponsored by American Fidelity.

A long-time member, Don has worked tirelessly over the past few years on retiree issues especially the Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA.

Throughout the years, Mr. Keenan has served the Association as OPEA State President. He’s been a member of the OPEA Board of Directors as the Retiree East Region Director, serving as Treasurer. In his role as treasurer, he was responsible for reviewing OPEA’s expenditures and I can tell you that he took his job very seriously.

He also served on the OPERS Board of Directors as the designated OPEA representative. He also served on the Health Choice Advisory Board.

It was in his role as chair of the OPEA Retiree Committee that Mr. Keenan really rolled up his sleeves and worked for the OPERS retiree COLA. Those of you who are retired or have been following this effort know that the COLA has been a moving target and very frustrating for OPEA members. With Mr. Keenan’s help, OPEA designed a sensible COLA plan that had widespread legislative support but still could not get a hearing on the house floor.

Every time we had a meeting on the COLA effort here is OKC, Don hopped in his truck and drove down the turnpike from Tulsa. Don made sure he took time to understand the complexities of the OPERS pension fund and how a COLA might be achieved. We’re going to get that COLA passed and when we do, Don deserves a bunch of the credit.

Mr. Keenan retired from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission in the 1990’s and since that time he has continued to be active in both local and statewide elections. Mr. Keenan was recently elected to serve on the Oklahoma Public Employee Political Action Committee.

Mr. Keenan has been a respected member of this association for many years and continues to be a valuable asset to retired, and active, state employees. Please join me in welcoming Don Keenan, the 2018 OPEA Retiree of the Year.

Pictured are Brian Mauck, American Fidelity; President Emeritus Jess Callahan; Don Keenan; Former President Dixie Jackson and OPEA President Carrie Croy.

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