Duncan State Employees Commit to Lawler’s Campaign

A group of state employees from Duncan met recently with OPEAPAC-endorsed House district 50 candidate Daisy Lawler to commit themselves to Lawler’s campaign.

With participants from OESC, DHS, OJA, ODOT and the Health department attending, the group discussed state employee issues with Lawler, while also committing themselves to door knocking, phone banking and sign making.

“This election is perhaps the most important for state employees in our lifetime,” said OESC office director Fran Bergeron. “We haven’t had a raise in three years, our insurance is skyrocketing and we have cut to the bone and can’t fill positions. We need to devote our time and resources to getting our friends elected to office, and state employees have had no better friend than Daisy Lawler.”

A state employee campaign blitz begins October 20, and Lawler, a former state senator, says state employees can make a difference.

“I hear about the low pay of state workers, how there is no real pay plan in place and the large caseloads and I know that I’ll have to find ways to work on these issues once elected,” Lawler said. “I look forward to serving these hard working public servants and to see to their needs.”

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