Election Day

Tomorrow, July 27, is Primary Election Day in Oklahoma. Polls will be open form 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. OPEA encourages all the state employees to get out and vote. Below you will find a list of the candidates OPEA has endorsed or given money to for their primary election.

OPEA has based their endorsement or contributions on the history of the legislator or interviews and the PAC board believes that the individual is the best candidate for state employees. Again a contribution in the primary election is not necessarily an endorsement for the general election.

Incumbent Senators: Cliff Aldridge, R, District 42; Jay Paul Gumm, D, District 6; David Myers, R, District 20; and Anthony Sykes, R, District 24.

Incumbent Representatives: Dennis Bailey, D, District 1; Gary Banz, R, District 101; Mike Brown, D, District 4; Samson Buck, D, District 49; Ed Cannaday, D, District 15; Mike Christian, R, District 93; Ann Coody, R, District 64; David Dank, R, District 85; David Derby, R, District 74; Scott Inman, D, District 94; Charlie Joyner, R, District 95; Ken Luttrell, D, District 37; Scott Martin, R, District 46; Danny Morgan, D, District 32; Jason Nelson, R, District 87; Brian Renegar, D, District 17; Phil Richardson, R, District 56; Seneca Scott, D, District 72; Mike Shelton, D, District 97; Jerry Shoemake, D, District 16; Randy Terrill, R, District 53; John Trebilcock, R, District 98.

Non-incumbents (Senate): David Holt, R, District 30; Rob Johnson, R, District 22.

Insurance Commissioner: Kim Holland.

Turnout is going to be important for the general election, so remember GO VOTE!!!

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