Governor Signs Bill Requiring Agencies to Notify Employees of Furlough

Governor Mary Fallin on Wednesday signed legislation requiring agencies to provide furlough notices to employees 30 days before the scheduled furlough is expected to take place.

House Bill 2724, sponsored by Representative Scott Inman, D-Del City, and Senator Greg Childers, R- Del City, will also require agencies to include in the notice any further information regarding the length of furlough time.

OPEA executive director Sterling Zearley said he hoped the legislation will help employees be better prepared in the event of a furlough.

“OPEA wanted to run this legislation after we heard from some of our members that their agencies would notify them of an impending furlough just two or three days before it was scheduled to begin, and we are very happy that this law will prevent that from happening to state employees in the future,” Zearley said. “Of course, we hope that furlough notices won’t be necessary any time soon,” he added.

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