Governor Signs Holiday Bill, HB-3052

HB-3052, by Rep. Dan Kirby, R, Tulsa and Senator Todd Lamb, R, Edmond was signed into law by Governor Brad Henry on June 7th and takes effect on Nov. 1, 2010.

The bill, commonly called the Holiday bill allows for state employees to take either the day before or the day after Christmas as a holiday, if Christmas does not fall on a Saturday or a Sunday. If the holiday falls on Saturday the bill allows an employee to take the Thursday and Friday before Christmas and if it falls on Sunday it allows the employee to take Monday and Tuesday after Christmas as the holiday.

The bill was one of several that were requested and actively lobbied for by OPEA. “We believe that state employees should be able to enjoy time off with their families during this holiday season and are excited that Rep Kirby and Senator Lamb were the authors of the bill and that Governor Henry chose to reward state employees by signing the bill,” said Sterling Zearley, Executive Director of OPEA.

This is an example of how the platform system of OPEA works. One of our members brought this issue up at last years convention and it is now the law.

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