Governor, State Leaders Introduce the Oklahoma Pinnacle Plan

Gov. Mary Fallin and state leaders announced the first draft of a plan to improve child welfare services at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The “Oklahoma Pinnacle Plan” details a five-year road map for achieving better results for children in DHS custody. The plan includes seven “Pinnacle Points,” including:

1. Expand the quality placement options and supports to ensure safety of children who are in out-of-home care, reduce shelter care, and improve placement stability.

2. Create a system with clear delineation of roles, effective lines of communication, and accountability throughout the system.

3. Increase the number of staff, reduce turnover, and continue to improve the experience level and practices competencies of staff responsible for day-to-day work on child welfare cases.

4.Use the practice model to achieve timely and appropriate permanency outcomes for all children in DHS care.

5. Focus on transparency about real outcomes; hold all staff and contractors accountable.

6. Ensure the safety the safety of children in out-of-home care; ensure that children receive regular visitation from same case worker.

7. Engage community partners, other state agencies, the private sector, and Tribes to help support children and families in DHS.

The entire report can be accessed here.

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