Governor Vetoes Annual Leave Purchase Bill

Gov. Fallin has vetoed Senate Bill 1505. This bill would have authorized state agencies to pay employees for unused annual leave. In her veto statement she said: “This Bill transforms leave time into a commodity and incentivizes employees to not utilize annual leave time. Modifications to the benefits offered to state employees should be done comprehensively and not through piecemeal legislation. Therefore, I have VETOED Senate Bill 1505.”

OPEA had supported passage of this bill as a way to help employees who are not able, due to work schedules, to take annual leave. Some employees are “maxed out” on leave and because of staff shortages, are not able to take time off. It would have been optional for agencies to do this. We are disappointed that Gov. Fallin chose not to sign this bill, which had widespread legislative support, in to law.


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