Grady County OESC Goes OPEA

What started out as an intimate lunch between OPEA staff member Bud Elder and four employees at the Grady County Employment Security Commission on September 3 became a strong discussion of state employee issues in general and, more specifically, changes at OESC.

At the end of the lunch all four employees joined OPEA.

“We all know that changes in the Federal budget will be felt within this agency,” Elder said. “These employees know that in order for them to make a difference they will have to work together toward common goals.”

“There is a strong chance that OESC will not exist as we know it if we are not funded properly,” said new member Jo Richter.

Also discussed at the meeting was the Legislative Forum for the area, which will be held in the Chickasha Library September 30 at 5:30 p.m., between Democrat Harold Jackson and Republican Leslie Osborn.

“These new members are already writing out questions to ask the candidates,” Elder said.

The rate hike for state insurance was also on the agenda.

“Without a raise these past several years, our budgets just keep getting squeezed tighter every day,” Richter said.

Other new members include:

Sheila Burke
Nathan Mansell
Mary Stephenson

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