Great Job OPEA Members

At the Government Modernization Committee meeting today, SB 190 passed without the section to reduce the state employee benefit allowance. Representative Murphey decided to accept an OPEA amendment by Representative Terrill to remove the benefit allowance section. This was after Representatives Trebilcock, Stiles, Terrill, Hilliard, Morissette, Scott, and Walker said they wanted to support their state employees would oppose the bill if the benefit allowance section was not removed. Thanks to all the OPEA members who called to save the benefit allowance and the legislators who stood up for their state employees.

It’s very important to contact these House members:

Randy Terrill
John Trebilcock
Aaron Stiles
Richard Morrissette
Seneca Scott
Purcy Walker
Wes Hilliard
House Phone Numbers: 405-521-2711 or 800-522-8502
This is a great example of OPEA making a difference! Keep watching for future action alerts!

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