Happy New Year!

Well, new state fiscal year to all state employees. July 1st marks the beginning of Oklahoma’s new budget year. Let’s hope that the cuts forced on state agencies by an inadequate budget don’t set state services back too far. If they do, it won’t be because of the hard working men and women in our state agencies who, once again, have been asked to provide necessary services with limited resources.
Correctional centers are understaffed, veterans centers are understaffed, DHS cuts staff while demand for services grows, senior services and behavioral health are cut, Our state parks need staff too.

Plus, state employee compensation still remains much lower than the private sector for similar positions.

In 2016, let’s work toward providing the necessary resources to continue to deliver services. Let’s look at increasing revenue by determining if corporate tax incentives are creating the type of jobs they said they would. Let’s fund core services to help Oklahoma grow.

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