Health Department New Worker Orientation Class Joins OPEA

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association recently held a luncheon at the Health Department’s New Worker Orientation in Oklahoma City, made possible in part through the orientation trainer Tomm Edwards.
“I always enjoy coming and speaking to the new worker orientation classes here at the Health Department about the benefits of becoming an OPEA member,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “All are new to the Health Department in general, but most are new to state service in-specific. One familiar face I was very happy to see was our state’s new Commissioner of Health, Terry Cline. He was right there in the ranks with the other newcomers, and I thought that showed a tremendous amount of professionalism on his part. This particular group was outstanding; I estimate over 90 percent of the class joined OPEA right then,” Watkins said.
“They were very eager to learn about OPEA and how we fit in with the political infrastructure currently maintained at the Capitol. I was impressed with their questions as well as their knowledge. Tomm is a long-time member of OPEA and a great attribute when talking to his classes. I look forward to the day when all state employees take this much interest in learning how to become proactive in state issues,” said Watkins.
If you are a state employee and also want your voice to be heard at the Capitol, then it’s time to join your coworkers in order to have the biggest and loudest voice possible. Join OPEA and have your voice heard! For more information about becoming a member please visit our website at or contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 208.

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