House Approves 2017 Budget Bill

We can’t say thank you enough to all the OPEA members and non-members who worked so hard to defeat the budget bill. Unfortunately, it passed 52-45 and now goes to the governor’s office for signature. We just sent out a press release to Oklahoma media expressing our disappointment.

We will also make sure to publicize who voted in favor and who voted against.

Next week, we will also be contacting agency heads to get an idea on how this budget impacts their agency, especially their employees.

OPEA wants to be a resource to our members who are affected. Right now we don’t have any answers as to how agencies will deal with this budget but that is the next step.

Again, thank you for your advocacy on this. It has become crystal clear that state employees must be very active this June and November in helping elect representatives who understand the importance of state services.

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