Lawton and Altus OESC Eager for OPEA Information

The Lawton and Altus offices of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission recently took time from their heavy caseloads to participate in an OPEA pizza lunch to discuss issues within the agency.

“This is a very difficult time to work for OESC,” said Bud Elder, OPEA Membership Representative. “There are a lot of rumors floating around regarding a lack of federal funds with ramifications that could result in the loss of both field offices and, ultimately, jobs.”

According to Elder, both current and future members are relieved to hear OPEA is working closely with OESC to help resolve the issue.

“These meetings were held one day after OPEA met with OESC officials in Oklahoma City,” Elder said. “So all information we had was very current.”

OESC offices from across the state should be expecting visits from OPEA, Elder added.

“We will be placing special emphasis on OESC offices during the next few weeks so we can discuss these major issues,” Elder said. “Should anyone wish to schedule a meeting from an OESC office, contact OPEA and we’ll get them on the schedule.

For more information regarding the current situation at OESC, read the related article on the front page of the OPEA website.

New members include:

Lawton OESC

Charles Sutterfield
Sharon Chibitty “

Altus OESC

Stacy Dancy
Margaret Denise Pelt
Stephen Gable Molly Thompson

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