Lawton Community Corrections Center and OPEA Face Issues Together

Centered by a strong group of OPEA members, the Lawton Community Corrections Center recently held a lunch meeting to discuss the association’s recent initiatives, as well as its plans for the current election cycle and legislative session.

“Our hot topic at this meeting was the recently-raised state insurance rates and how they’re going to affect both the benefit allowance and our members’ income,” said OPEA Membership Representative Bud Elder. “We all agreed that in order for state employees to be able to cope with these rising costs, our legislature has to propose a pay plan for this upcoming session.”

Elder said the message was clear – state employees must be involved in the election process.

“While a great percentage of our members here live in the Lawton area, there are also people who drive from both Altus and Duncan, in the middle of two of OPEA’s most hotly contested elections,” Elder said. “These employees understand that a candidate can win by just a few votes and plan to take part in our scheduled activities in the district.

Members both new and recently signed showed a great deal of interest in OPEA’s new dues structure and Pre Paid Legal Services.

“Three new members signed up for the ‘Platinum Package,’ Elder said. “This means they now have both the Pre-Paid coverage as well as the identity theft.”

Elder said more visits to the DOC facility are on tap soon.

“LCCC is planning on becoming more involved with our great Lawton chapter,” Elder said. “I continue to expect great things from this area.”

New members include:

Lan Roben
Carrie Mason
Michael Logan

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