Take Action and Get Involved!

Whenever the Legislature is in session, important matters related to OPEA members and state employees are debated. And while OPEA will be at the state Capitol fighting for your interests, the best way to get the attention of an elected official is to hear from the public at large. This means you!

But how can I be effective, you ask? It’s pretty simple…

Keep up with OPEA via social media! You can go to Facebook.com/OklaPEA or Twitter.com/OklaPEA and you’ll receive all of our news updates throughout session.
Email Trish! If you’ve got a question or concern about anything at all, email our association’s policy director, Trish Frazier. She has a wealth of information on OPEA-related issues and is a great contact for you to make if you want to be active at the Capitol.

Call their offices! After you get informed through our social media platforms, call your representative or senator and let them know how you feel about what’s going on. Trust us; it won’t take many calls to an office to re-arrange their priorities for the day!

Watch the House and Senate online! Did you know you can keep tabs on your state legislature through your own computer? Check out OKLegislature.gov to find audio and video of your state House and state Senate members. NOTE: If you have issues accessing files via Firefox, a Windows Media Player patch might need to be downloaded. Internet Explorer has no known issues at this time.

Walk the Capitol! The days of a state legislator are very busy. Sometimes, calls and emails will prove unfruitful. If that’s the case, consider going to the Capitol, either on your own or in a group. You can go to the front of either chamber, send a note to the floor and your representative or senator should come out! Yes, really. Believe it or not, the most productive time to catch an official is when the House or Senate is in session.

Be polite! If you are able to make contact with your elected official, please be courteous and polite! Being adversarial will get you nowhere. It’s good that you’re passionate toward a topic, but don’t be over-the-top with it. If you are able to have a conversation, stay calm, cool and collected. State your opinion as to why the issue is important to you and we promise you’ll have a meaningful conversation. And who knows, you might even change their minds on a subject!

It really is that easy. And you can do it on your own time and own pace, as well. Take time to get involved and be a part of the process. Make your voice heard!