Legislative Update: New Deadlines, Session Contacts

By Chancen Flick

The Legislative session is almost upon us!  This year starts a new Legislature and an entirely new set of potential bills that could have an impact on your position, salary, and benefits.  OPEA staff work diligently throughout the legislative session to ensure that positive bills are advanced, negative bills are stopped, and that our members are provided with the most up to date information regarding the goings on at the State Capitol.  Here are a few things that we can let you know that are upcoming and where to look for additional information.

Bill Filing Deadline – This is the first deadline for the new legislative session.  All bills, except for those dealing with next year’s state budget, must be filed by January 19, 2023.  This will allow for about two weeks to review bills before the session begins.  OPEA Staff are already monitoring incoming bills and will have reports out to members after the deadline.

First Day of Session – The State Constitution requires that the Legislature convenes on the first Monday in February, this year that is February 6, 2023.  The Governor will introduce his proposed budget for the upcoming year, give the State of the State address, and committee meetings are allowed to begin.

First Committee Deadline – This will be the deadline for House and Senate Committees to report their approved bills from the committees to their respective chambers.  The deadline this year is March 2, 2023.  Any bills not reported out of committee at this point will be considered dormant for the year.

Third Reading Deadline – This deadline is for the House and Senate Chambers to have fully voted on their own bills (House Bills in the House and Senate Bills in the Senate).  After this deadline, the bills will swap sides with House bills going to the Senate and Senate Bills going to the House.  The deadline is March 23, 2023.

Second Committee Deadline – This is the deadline for opposite bills out of opposite committees.  Each chamber has set different days with the Senate deadline on April 13, 2023, and the House on April 14, 2023.

Third Reading in the Opposite Chamber – The penultimate deadline is the day for House bills to be approved by the Senate and Senate Bills approved by the House.  Bills that differ will have the last few weeks of session to be heard in Conference Committee.  This deadline is April 27, 2023

Sine Die Adjournment – The State Constitution requires that the Legislature adjourn for the year no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday of May, which is May 26, 2023.  If they wrap up work early, the option to adjourn early is always available.

Throughout this process, OPEA members can always contact OPEA Staff to get up to date information on priority legislation or ask any questions regarding the process.  We will also be sending out weekly Advocate newsletters to keep the membership informed on the progress of our top priority bills.  Our website will be updated weekly with new reports on priority bills.  And finally, all of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will have new post almost daily on the goings on at 23rd and Lincoln.

Most importantly, if you want to be involved in the legislative process and have current information, please join OPEA!  Our voice is stronger when we speak together.  If you would like to join or find more information about membership, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding legislation or legislative advocacy, please contact Chancen Flick at chancenf@opea.org or by cell/text at 405-808-8181.

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