Lobby Day Bus Routes Scheduled

OPEA has reserved busses for the Annual Lobby Day set on March 11th.

Each bus will seat 57 passengers in comfort for the trip to the State Capitol to attend this important event. Please be sure to RSVP to the OPEA office by Friday, March 7th to reserve your seat on one of the routes. Box lunches will be provided for those reserving seats by Friday.

Please remember to prepare for Lobby Day, It might be helpful to contact your legislator early and schedule an appointment to meet with them. This way you will ensure you are able to actually visit with your legislator on Lobby Day. Personal contact is a great way to make your voice heard.


Pick up at 727 S 32nd Street at the Muskogee DHS office.

Departs for Oklahoma City at 6:30 am.

Team Captain is Senora Caldwell.

Claremore/Sand Springs

Pick up at Claremore Veterans Center, 3001 W Blue Starr Drive.

Departs for Sand Springs at 6:30 am

Team Captain: Christie Biggs

Continue to Sand Springs – Rader Center.

Departs for Oklahoma City at 7:00 am

Pick up at 13323 W Hwy 51.

Team Captain: Wally Ogunoiki


Pick up at 51st and Peoria. There is a parking lot on the south side of the highway where folks will park.

Departs for Oklahoma City at 6:30 am

Team Captain: Reba Robinson


Cameron University Stadium Parking lot at the corner of Gore and 38th street.

Departs for Oklahoma City at 7:00 am

Team Captain: Hank Swearingen

Remember: Please RSVP to the OPEA office to reserve your seat by March 7th.

But if you cannot attend the Lobby Day, you can still contact your legislator and ask them to support the OPEA agenda on March 11th. Be sure to call or email on your breaks and let legislators know that state employees want their voices heard and they need relief with a pay raise and to leave our benefits alone!

Be sure to ask your legislator what they are doing to help you with a pay raise. If you hear there is no money, ask what they are doing to provide a pay raise for you and are they standing up and doing the right thing for you.

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