Members Form New C-O-D Tri-County Chapter

Meet Sharon Hines-Ice, President of the COD Tri County Chapter of Oklahoma Public Employees Association. She is the Health Planning Clerk in Miami. It was her suggestion that led to the combination and development of a Chapter of the three small Health Agencies in Craig, Ottawa, and Delaware Counties.

As Reba Turner Robinson, OPEA Membership Representative, began visiting these northeastern agencies, it was evident that, due to the small number of employees in each county, chapters may become inactive. Sharon explained that with the available technology they could avoid travel, could easily communicate and develop into a strong chapter.

The group meets on the even numbered months and the Executive Committee meets on the odd number months. Hines-Ice was instrumental in providing the incentive for the utilization of iPower, permitting each Health Agency to be visible and communicating with each other as the meetings convene. The Chapter has struggled in the beginning but has begun to be very active. They are active in the political processes and have requested training and education for their chapter.

Robinson said the success of this chapter has been the consistency and determination displayed by Sharon and co-worker Kim Williams.

Williams is the Coordinating Nurse at the Miami Health Department and has been an OPEA member for 17 years, she lives in Commerce, OK.

Sharon grew up in Kansas City and completed her Bachelor’s of Science Degree at the University of Missouri before moving to Oklahoma. She lives with her husband, Gary who is a credit manager and her 10 year-old daughter Kennedy Hines.

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