Member Benefits

Where Membership Has Its Privileges

State employees from many agencies belong to OPEA. Why don’t you? There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the Oklahoma Public Employees Association, and the good things we’re doing for all state employees. In fact, as a state employee you’ve already enjoyed many of the benefits we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Now take a moment to review the added benefits and privileges that are available through membership in OPEA…or click here for a membership application!
Job Security

OPEA works daily to protect state employees from being unfairly laid off or terminated from their job. Whether it is at the Capitol, in the agency or in the courts – OPEA is there, Fighting for state employees.

Grievance Assistance

OPEA has a full time grievance Coordinator available to assist and advise any member about their rights on personnel and grievance issues. In addition, the OPEA Legal Advocacy Program provides an attorney any time you are terminated, demoted or suspended.*

Improving Your Benefits

OPEA has been a leader in improving insurance, retirement and other benefits for sate employees. OPEA’s Benefits Representative also assists with questions or problems with insurance, retirement, workers’ compensation, or deferred compensation saving members over $200,000.

Making Your Voice Heard Among State Agencies

Through OPEA, you join more than 10,000 state employees who are improving their working conditions, job opportunities and benefits. Together with the OPEA staff, they insure that your voice is heard at agency board and commission meetings and anywhere else decisions are made regarding state employees.

Legislative Clout

OPEA not only promotes its own legislative agenda, but also fights for your interests at the Capitol. When legislation affecting state employees is introduced, OPEA is there every day monitoring and lobbying on behalf of members. OPEA has a great track record of winning many legislative issues for state employees.

Staying Informed

As an OPEA member, you will receive the OPEA’s newsletter, the “ADVOCATE,” and other mailings filled with information to keep you up to date with employees issues. In addition, you can take advantage of OPEA’s digital information tools, such as this website and special e-mail bulletins.

OPEA Members Only Legal Advocacy Program

As an OPEA member, you have access to the Association’s Legal Advocacy Program. After 180 days of membership, you are eligible to have your case handled by OPEA’s staff attorney. This service alone will save you thousands of dollars.

The following services are available to OPEA members only:
Representation before the Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission on appeals of suspension, termination and demotion by calling OPEA.* Individuals who have been members for at least 180 days are eligible for this service.

Dues for membership are as follows:

  • Active state employees dues are $15.00 per month through payroll deduction or $180.00 per year. If you choose to participate, $2.25 of the dues go to the Oklahoma State Employees Political Action Committee (OPEAPAC).
  • Retired state employees dues are $60.00 per year or $5.00 per month deducted from their OPERS retirement benefit check.
  • Associate dues are $20 per year.
  • Corporate Affiliate dues are $300 per year.

All dues categories include an annual subscription to the “Advocate.” Contributions or gifts to the Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, dues payments are deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction.