Member Benefits

Where Membership Has Its Privileges

State employees from many agencies belong to OPEA. Why don’t you? There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the Oklahoma Public Employees Association and the good things we’re doing for all state employees. In fact, as a state employee you’ve already enjoyed many of the benefits we’ve worked so hard to achieve.  Here are just some of our accomplishments for Oklahoma state employees since we were founded in 1975.

  • Obtained more than a dozen state employee pay raises and cost-of-living adjustments for retirees since 1976
  • Established longevity pay for state employees in 1982
  • Obtained health insurance coverage for state employee dependents in 1992
  • Increased health insurance coverage for dependents from 50% to 75% in 2001
  • Established SoonerSave in 1998 and got state matching contribution in 2000.
  • Obtained Disability Insurance for state employees in 1985
  • Established state employee leave sharing program in 1990
  • Obtained additional paid holiday at Christmas in 2010
  • Obtained Death Benefit for Retirees in 1987
  • Created state Employee Assistance Program in 1992
  • Obtained increase in paid annual leave in 2001
  • Established severance benefits in 1997
  • Mandated counseling & paid leave be provided to state workers assaulted or witness to traumatic events at work in 2017
  • Capped number of double-shifts that can be required of DOC corrections officers in 2016

Now take a moment to review the added benefits and privileges that are available through membership in OPEA…or click here for a membership application!

Job Security

OPEA works daily to protect state employees’ rights.  Whether you need our Grievance Coordinator or our Legal Advocacy Program, OPEA is always there, fighting for you and state employees.

Grievance Assistance

OPEA has a full time Grievance Coordinator available to assist and advise any member about their rights as a state employee. In addition, the OPEA Legal Advocacy Program provides you an attorney any time you are terminated, demoted or suspended.*

Benefits/Insurance/Retirement Assistance

OPEA is always available to assist you with questions or problems regarding your insurance, benefits or retirement.  If you have questions please contact us.  We can help!

Making Your Voice Heard

Through OPEA, you join more than 10,000 state employees working together to improve working conditions and employee benefits. Together with OPEA staff, we will ensure your voice is heard at agency board and commission meetings and anywhere else decisions are made regarding state employees.

Legislative Advocacy

OPEA fights for your interests at the State Capitol every day during legislative session and is always working on organizing and building a grassroots network of state employees to help advance our cause.  We need you contacting legislators and we need you making us aware of issues.  We can only achieve what state employees need and deserve by working together.  Join OPEA and get engaged!

Political Action

If you’re interesting in getting involved in politics and getting state-employee-friendly citizens elected to office, then OPEA can help get you involved.  We do everything we can to get the right people elected to state office and we always need active and engaged members to help make that happen.  Just let us know what you’re willing to do and we’ll help you get involved in making Oklahoma more of a worker-friendly state.

Staying Informed

As an OPEA member, you will receive the OPEA quarterly newsletter, the Advocate.  You can also stay informed by liking our facebook page at www.facebook/OklaPEA and by following us on twitter at

Free Registration for OPEA Annual Convention

All OPEA members are welcome to attend the OPEA Annual Convention.  This year’s convention will be at Lake Murray State Park on August 25-26.  Contact OPEA for more information.

Free Annual Base Benefits Review by GITW Benefits

All OPEA members are eligible for a base benefits review by our endorsed partner, GITW Benefits.  GITW can carefully walk you through all the benefits options you are entitled to as a state employee and can help you  make the decisions that best meet the needs of you and your family.

Legal Shield Discounted Membership

All OPEA members are eligible for a discounted membership with Legal Shield Contact OPEA for more information.

Amusement Park Ticket Discounts

OPEA members can get great deals on tickets to some of your favorite local amusement parks.

Frontier City/Whitewater Bay: Use the following link to order tickets:  (The username is OPEA and the password is stateemployees2017)

Six Flags over Texas/Hurricane Harbor: Use the following link to order tickets: (The username is OKLAHOMAPUBLICOT and the password is SixFlags9)

Dues for membership are as follows:

  • Active state employee dues are $15.00 per month through payroll deduction or $180.00 per year. If you choose to participate, $2.25 of the dues go to the Oklahoma State Employees Political Action Committee (OPEAPAC).
  • Retired state employees dues are $60.00 per year or $5.00 per month deducted from their OPERS retirement benefit check.
  • Associate dues are $20 per year.
  • Corporate Affiliate dues are $300 per year.

All dues categories include an annual subscription to the “Advocate.” Contributions or gifts to the Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, dues payments are deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction.